We navigate the complexities of litigation with precision and sound technical skill.

About Us

Irvine Yates is a boutique litigation law firm. We navigate the complexities of litigation with precision and sound technical skill. We are committed to offering our clients a personalised service and strive to put each client’s case at its highest in order to position them with the opportunity to achieve the best outcomes.

We are one of the few commercial litigation firms which has an appetite for contingent fee work, also known as “no win, no fee”. However, not every case is suitable for such an arrangement. As a general guide the amount in dispute needs to be in excess of £150,000 for there to be any commercial benefit for you.

Our Expertise

Kate Irvine-Yates is a Grade A city trained lawyer with experience of handling high value and complex litigation.

We are able to advise and represent you in a broad range of litigation matters including breach of contract, director, shareholder and partnership disputes, intellectual property issues, construction disputes, professional negligence, insurance coverage disputes and bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings. Please see Our Services for more information.

Our Ethos

No two clients are the same and desired outcomes can differ vastly. Therefore, we take time to listen and understand what our clients want to achieve and then work with you to deploy legal strategies aimed at meeting those outcomes.

Our Commitment

Irvine Yates is committed to delivering quality legal representation. We offer appointments outside of normal working hours where appropriate.

We have an outcome focused approach and are not content with simply advising within the safe parameters of settled law. We identify new legal arguments and present them in the courts and in doing so some of our cases have been reported, a contribution to the development of legal precedent.

At Irvine Yates we don’t just practice law; we develop and redefine it.